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Ross M.A. Wilson & Associates Inc.
Consultants and Specialists in Militaria and Antiques



With many years in the collecting and museum field we bring practical, hands-on experience to the novice and mature collector, no matter what their interest. We can provide advice to the new collector that will enable them to avoid the pitfalls of a questionable purchase, so easily made in markets where there is a high degree of reproduction material. In this way the novice can collect with confidence, within his or her budget and build a collection that will be an investment. We can also provide advice for the more advanced collector on how to enhance their present collections. To this end we can be retained to search out, through our extensive network of collectors, dealers and auctioneers, that particular object required to heighten a collection.


Disposing of collections

With the death of a loved one it is sometimes difficult for the surviving partner to cope with disposing of a collection, no matter what its size. In many cases they may have no idea where to go for advice as well as being unaware of its potential value. We provide a service that will take care of that. Not only can we dispose of the collection, but we can ensure optimum  value for our client. Should the client, however, decide to keep part of the collection we can advise on which items should be retained.